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Are you new to the joys of cables? If you answered YES! then this is the beginner hat for you!  I made this hat to run in, so the Cascade Sierra 80% pima cotton, 20% wool mix is perfect!  But any worsted weight yarn should do the trick.  Also, since it has to remain on my head while I am running along, it is probably not as ‘slouchy’ as it could be, but I love the fit and think you will too.


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I’m a crocheter at heart but as of late I’ve been dabbling with knitting ever since I mastered (okay not really mastered but at least can get by) circular needles. I  had always been intimidated by circular needles but thanks to Mary and my recent obsession with slouch beanies I worked up the nerve to try. With a few out-a-book beanies under my belt I felt confident enough to create my own. I got that opportunity during a recent, very long, road trip. Inspired by the looks of the latest fashions I decided to try to incorporate the ruched look into a beanie. Not knowing how it would turn out I used some bargain bin yarn. The final look is stunning and makes the bargain yarn look like a million bucks. I often get compliments when I wear this test beanie. I will definitely be creating this in different colors… can someone say Vanna’s Glamour Yarn!

Download HERE!

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I’ve been home sick for a few days… yuck! What I hate more than the illness trying to take over my body is the feeling of complete uselessness. The doc prescribed rest and fluids. Rest…check! Fluids…check! Boredom…check! To keep my idle hands busy I decided I just want to crochet; not caring about patterns or color palettes (OMG I know!!). I started out with a circle that just continued to grow until I had a large disk, now what? To amuse my dogs, okay… to amuse myself I stuck it on my head. That’s it!! I’ll make a sick day hat. I started to decrease and began incorporating some scrap yarn I had next to me. Coming up with the chain link pattern was easy, the decreasing was the hard part. I frogged it several times… too loose… too tight…ouch I just removed some hair. Finally this turd of a hat was complete. By this time the hubby was home and he actually said it was cute! It may see the light of day after all. I’m still down for the count, let’s see what sick crazy craft I come up with today.

Seriously… don’t laugh, it’s not nice.

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