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You know when you are poking around the internet and one link leads to another? Some times you are lucky and hit gold; that’s how we felt when we discovered Annie Larson and her fantastic line of women’s knitwear.  ALL Knitwear is created one custom piece at a time by Annie Larson on a Brother KH-950 Electroknit Knitting Machine! We’ve always wanted (or at least wanted to try) a knitting machine but this takes the art to a whole new level. This is our new knitwear crush! Each garment features the freestyle mix of basic geometric patterns and bright classic colors. We are esspecially excited about her hats, each one topped with the perfect pom-pon accent.

We are always inspired by studio space as well and Larson does not disappoint! Look at those shelves full of handmade knit fabric and her lovely pom-pons…

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I often stumble across the most beautiful studio spaces. You know the ones where “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”? Instead of feeling admiration for those spaces I’m the one feeling out of place… Sure they are beautiful (and sure they’ve been cleaned up and styled 6 ways to Sunday) but they don’t feel real and I can’t relate. That is why I was so inspired to share this particular studio space, the unkept chaos is like a wonderful game of Where’s Waldo (or Bill). I would be right at home amongst the piles of retro blankets and heaps of finished art bits. This inspiring studio by Sarah Applebaum is as crazy and cool as her website.

What’s your studio space inspiration??

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Mary, “What’s up with the bicycle trend?”

Brandy, “I don’t know but I LOVE IT!”

Mary, “Settle down… and check out these fun links.”

now THIS is commuting craftiness! holy crap!

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We are inspired to create wearable goodies for ourselves all the time, but how often do we knit (or crochet) goodies for our surroundings? For most of us it is not until the fall / winter months that we start to want to surround ourselves in these delux textures. Well… it’s that time of the year and here’s my list of knit decor must haves for the season. These are so fashionable that they can be used / on display around all year long.

Casamania Granny Knitted Lamp Shades recently featured on one of our favorite haunts, Daily Candy.

cb2 knitted pouf, simple yet stylish and super useful. Comes in the season’s color must haves. Personally I’m getting a bit tired of orange so the grey really appeals to me, a neutral good for year around.

Biscuit Scout’s hand knitted cream aran armchair slip cover is quite possibly the coolest twist on utilitarian object EVER! This beautifully crafted “chair sweater” is perfect for those chilly winter nights. This would be perfect in front of a fire place, with a book and draped in… you guessed it… a matching aran blanket! I have about 3 chairs I can think of that I’d love to cover but I’m not sure if I’d have the heart to sit on them.

The last but not least is this beautiful porcelian knit texture bowl from Annette Bugansky Design. We saw this trend blow up last season but it’s one that I personally hope never goes away. Check out the links for awesome options of these faux knit beauties.

What are your favorite knit decor items this season?

– Brandy

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We were out for our morning walk around Lake Tye, and what did we see?  Some knit graffiti (also known as yarn-bombing), which is the first time we have seen some in person!  This particular bit was crochet.

I have been on that trail 10 times in the last two weeks and can’t believe I didn’t see it before this.  There was a tag attached with their blog – http://thecastoffcrew.blogspot.com/

We love that they tagged Dr. Max’s dinosaur in front of his office.  Also entertaining are the photos of them climbing trees in the middle of the night to apply their friendly form of graffiti.

Have fun ladies!

Mary & Brandy

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I found this pattern on Knitting Daily while poking around the free pattern section. I find it fantastic, taken in the spirit in which it was created but when you read the comments the feelings are mixed. Love or hate, you can’t deny the fall ’09 / Spring ’10 trend of oversized pom pom (or pom pon) accessories. Fashion designers are strapping them to stilettos, mainstream stores are sticking them on scarves and indycrafters are adhering them to headbands.

More fun pom pom accessories! Click the photos to see them in all their glory.

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Crochet Wall Installation

I got up this morning and began perusing my usual blog haunts and was very excited to see this recent offering from Design*Sponge (one of my top blog favorites). This beautiful art installation was created by Kristen Wicklund. Tons of inspiration awaits you if you check out her flickr acct. Truly a master, I’m thrilled the way that she has made crochet and knit live past their fiber creating these unique pieces of art.

“After Kristen dips the lace in porcelain she fires it in a mold; during the firing the fiber burns out completely and leaves a (gorgeous) hollow porcelain shell of lace.”

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