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Comment #21, Multicrafty (also known as Angie) is the winner of the fabulous Keep Calm and Carry Yarn bag from JennieGee.  Thanks everyone for all your entries!

Brandy and I must admit, we have let work get in the way of our crafty endeavors as of late.  We were hoping that MegaMillions jackpot was ours, then we could build a castle to craft in all day long, but no such luck.  That $20 we spent on tickets would have bought some yarn… darn it!  🙂

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Are you new to the joys of cables? If you answered YES! then this is the beginner hat for you!  I made this hat to run in, so the Cascade Sierra 80% pima cotton, 20% wool mix is perfect!  But any worsted weight yarn should do the trick.  Also, since it has to remain on my head while I am running along, it is probably not as ‘slouchy’ as it could be, but I love the fit and think you will too.


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Happy New Year’s greetings!  Brandy and I spent the better part of the last few days planning out our design inspiration by month for 2010.  And you are going to love it!  We are trying to get way ahead of the game so we can provide a consistent and compelling pattern and color story offering for you throughout the year.

I don’t want to provide any spoilers, but above is our pattern filter – everything we offer has to hit a few key points before it makes the list.

Your first real glimpse into 2010’s inspirations will be later today, when we will provide you with January’s color story and first pattern.  And when I say later today it could be early tomorrow, because our best work seems to be from 11pm to 3am!

Not to leave you empty handed, here are two random tidbits for you:

A random New Year’s resolution generator that is pretty sweet:

Is one of your resolutions to get more organized?  Here is a great online to do tool – acts just like paper.  I am a famous list writer and this simple application has helped me consolidate my scribbles into one place.  Make it your home page and have your to dos slap you in the face every time you open up your browser.

Again, thanks for reading our newborn blog, and we look forward to a wonderful 2010 together!

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Loving all things handmade and vintage, I have quite the collection of crochet trimmed pillow cases already, most of which my mother made.  Every time I see them it brings a little calm and a big smile to my daily routine.

Which brings me to a wonderful etsy find:


I love the vintage feel yet modern appeal with the colorful fabrics and bright trim details.  Check it out people!

Here is her blog, as well as a sample of the wonderful photography on her site.


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Welcome!  Here is the plan:

Monday Morning Color Inspiration Palettes

Tuesday Vintage Knitting/Crochet Photos – What Were They Thinking??!

Wednesday and Thursday – Whatever we feel like posting

Free Pattern Friday – not every Friday but we will try!

We can’t wait to get started!
Brandy (the crocheter) and Mary (the knitter)

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