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Hello there! Mary and I hope everyone had a great holiday and an even better New Year’s Eve. (I know we did… a little too good, my head still hurts!) The dust has settled and we are back to crafting!! We’ve been reading several blogs as of late and many of our favorite bloggers have been posting their “Life List Goals for 2011”. Inspired, we’ve decided to toss our knitted hat into the ring! Here’s our joint “Craft Life List, and in true Brandy and Mary style, written on sticky notes:

List Rules:
• Each craft may only qualify for only one of the “to-dos”.
• Past crafts do not count (Mary).

While Mary and I were reminiscing about last years crafty shenanigans, coming up with our list, we decided that we are going to expand into posting about sewing. CALM DOWN! It’s just going to be a post here and there since we both enjoy sewing; but are still pretty novice. Also long story (and one call to the police) short, this New Years we had a PJ party where Mary and I sewed the guest custom PJ bottoms. That’s just too much fun NOT to post.

What’s your Craft Life List? Best list of 5 crafty to-dos wins a fun mystery crafty prize pack!! Comment by 1/14/11 to enter.

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We are inspired to create wearable goodies for ourselves all the time, but how often do we knit (or crochet) goodies for our surroundings? For most of us it is not until the fall / winter months that we start to want to surround ourselves in these delux textures. Well… it’s that time of the year and here’s my list of knit decor must haves for the season. These are so fashionable that they can be used / on display around all year long.

Casamania Granny Knitted Lamp Shades recently featured on one of our favorite haunts, Daily Candy.

cb2 knitted pouf, simple yet stylish and super useful. Comes in the season’s color must haves. Personally I’m getting a bit tired of orange so the grey really appeals to me, a neutral good for year around.

Biscuit Scout’s hand knitted cream aran armchair slip cover is quite possibly the coolest twist on utilitarian object EVER! This beautifully crafted “chair sweater” is perfect for those chilly winter nights. This would be perfect in front of a fire place, with a book and draped in… you guessed it… a matching aran blanket! I have about 3 chairs I can think of that I’d love to cover but I’m not sure if I’d have the heart to sit on them.

The last but not least is this beautiful porcelian knit texture bowl from Annette Bugansky Design. We saw this trend blow up last season but it’s one that I personally hope never goes away. Check out the links for awesome options of these faux knit beauties.

What are your favorite knit decor items this season?

– Brandy

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