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You know when you are poking around the internet and one link leads to another? Some times you are lucky and hit gold; that’s how we felt when we discovered Annie Larson and her fantastic line of women’s knitwear.  ALL Knitwear is created one custom piece at a time by Annie Larson on a Brother KH-950 Electroknit Knitting Machine! We’ve always wanted (or at least wanted to try) a knitting machine but this takes the art to a whole new level. This is our new knitwear crush! Each garment features the freestyle mix of basic geometric patterns and bright classic colors. We are esspecially excited about her hats, each one topped with the perfect pom-pon accent.

We are always inspired by studio space as well and Larson does not disappoint! Look at those shelves full of handmade knit fabric and her lovely pom-pons…

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