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When we stumbled upon the DIY Ombre Dyed Yarn tutorial by Xandy Peters we were inspired! That weekend we went to our local craft store for yarn and grocery store for Kool-Aid to have a little dyeing party. We also experimented with yarns we had around that we knew were wool, the results were amazing. Not only was this project super easy, the combinations are endless!

We used black cherry, watermelon-cherry, pink lemon-aid, lemon-lime and ice blue punch to come up deep reds, corals, bright blues and minty greens. The first task was to wind the balls of yarn which was the most time consuming task. The yarns we ended up dying were 100% Fisherman’s Wool in Natural, Stitch Nation ‘Full O Sheep’ in Honeycomb and some other hand-me-down wool yarns.

We took Xandy’s tip and used spoons and tongs to maneuver the yarn balls in the dye bath. Once they had boiled the two rounds in their dye baths, the tongs were lifesavers as we rinsed the yarn balls in the cold water. These suckers get super hot!! Half way through dyeing the yarn we came up with the idea of creating a 2-tone ombre by dyeing the yarn – rinsing it / letting it cool, unwinding, rewinding with the new color in the center and re-dying. What we created was a Christmas-Italian-Watermelon inspired colored yarn. I can’t wait to see how this knits up.  Each one took the dye in a unique way, the most interesting was Stitch Nation yarn. Since it was already Honeycomb we weren’t sure if it would take color but it took the Black Cherry Kool-Aid wonderfully, creating a fiery color combo.

Mary and I highly recommend trying this out. As they say “if we can do it, so can you!” It was a lot of fun and we plan on sharing some finished projects soon!

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First off Mary and I are ecstatic over the unprecedented amount of traffic our humble little blog has received over the past few days. We love to see all the downloads of our latest published free pattern; the number of Ravelry queues makes us giddy. Huge THANK YOU!!

As Mary and I mentioned at the beginning of the year (can you believe January is half way over?!) we got together to plan the coming year. This included monthly color stories, featured product and of course patterns. We are already testing next month’s patterns… it is hard for me to not gush and spill all the details so I’ll stop here. (Before Mary beats me… or posts any more embarrassing photos.)

Below is a little pattern teaser of a crocheted small purse we are tentatively calling the crescent clutch.  We still have to finalize the strap/handle, but this size is perfect for your cell, keys, and a few other necessary tidbits.  The yellow yarn was to test the pattern, it is what I had mass quantity of… this is NOT a color story teaser. For those following along, February will be from the Geo color group. We would love thoughts on what color we should make the final clutch? Or any yarn suggestions?…

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When I stumbled upon this cute knit I just had to post it.  From Pure Handmade, this little dress is so sweet in its soft colors of grey and yellow.

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Color Group: Unique

I was compelled to make this week’s color inspiration bright and bold given we are in winter and for most that means a dark and dreary season. Emerging in the US in the later part of the 1950’s, the Pop Art movement turned tradition on its ear making way for contemporary culture . I love everything pop art represents. From it’s vibrant and daring use of primary colors to the unabashed way it stands apart from the crowd. The yarns chosen for this pairing do just that. Each fantastic in their own way and begging to be made into some sort of fashion statement.

1) Colors of Fabric 2 by tjt unraveled; this yarn’s bold primary palette really packs a punch. The variegated colors go from bright reds to dark brown/blacks much like the comic book inspired art of Roy Lichtenstein.

2) Soprano by marion; the perfect pop art palette that calls to mind Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe in Hot Pink work of art. The blacks, reds, pinks and of course the yellows blondes.

3) Hello Kitty by zucchero filato; there’s something sweet and tactile about this art yarn. The exploration of color and texture makes you want to interact with it… much like the fantastic sculptures of Claes Oldenburg.

4)Koigu Yarn from betty’s loft; The quantity and intensity of the colors in this yarn made me instantly think of my favorite Pop Artist Jeff Koons. What’s my favorite piece you ask? Anything in his Celebration series especially Play-Doh.

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Sure to do wonders for any child’s self esteem, these attractive, upscale winter looks are guaranteed to be a hit on playgrounds everywhere.

I ask you the design inspiration:
*A dickie gone horribly wrong?

*A perverse fear love of clowns and lucha libre?

*My child is annoying me.

While you ponder these designs, make sure to get your evil clown and lucha libre names squared away:

Generate your evil clown name here:

And your new wrestling name here:


Mary’s Evil Clown Name: Dead Eye Maker o Baloon Animals
Mary’s Lucha Wrestler Name: Sangre Ridiculoso

Brandy’s Evil Clown Name: Dave The Facepainted Menace (weird)
Brandy’s Lucha Wrestler Name: Chile Supremo

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