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There is so much fugly great Christmas sweater inspiration out there it was hard to decide on just one to focus on for color and trend inspiration. Much like my research on the Cosby Sweater, the more I dug into the history of the Ugly Christmas Sweater the more I became lost in a sea of images, blogs and books paying tribute to this fashion atrocity. The growing trend during this holiday time is to have an Ugly Christmas Sweater party (Google it, I promise you won’t be disappointed). There’s even a trio of dudes calling themselves “Ugly Christmas Sweater” (Team Ugly for short) who literally wrote the book on it. It looks like so much fun that Mary and I have decided next year we are hosting one of these parties!

image via Google search (can’t find source)

The first collection is by far the most popular choice when choosing to “don your gay apparel”. Bright color, crazy images and the more appliques and Bedazzled goodness the better. You wear one of these fine specimens you are sure to be the ugliest belle at the ball!

1) BROOKLYN : 100% superwash merino worsted / Cake Walk Yarns via Etsy  (go to Tangled Happy for a discount code and giveaway!)

2) GOLD : acyrlic & metallic polyester mix / Vanna’s Glamour via Lion Brand Yarns

3) FLECKY SWEATER YARN : recycled yarn from actual Christmas Sweater! / SmartMonkey via Etsy

4) CHRISTMAS TREE : silk, wool & glitz rayon mix – art yarn / Scales and Fins Yarn via Etsy

5) CHRISTMAS GREEN : 100% Peruvian highland wool / via Purl Soho

image via Google (again not sure of the source)

The second collection is inspired by those that choose to attend an Ugly Sweater Party with no intention on actually participating BUT the price of admission is one Christmas sweater SO these party goers cheat the system by wearing a traditional and now chic holiday sweater. (aka killjoys)

1) NATURAL : 100% pure virgin wool / Fisherman’s Wool via Lion Brand Yarns

2) CANDY CANE : silk, wool & glitz rayon mix – art yarn / Scales and Fins Yarn via Etsy

3) STERLING : acrylic & polyester blend with sequins / Sequin via Bernat Yarns

4) DEEP SEA : 100% acrylic / Vanna’s Colors via Lion Brand Yarns

5) MIDNIGHT HEATHER : 100% pure new wool / via Purl Soho

image via Craft Stylish • click the photo for upcycled dog sweater pattern

The third collection is what you do after the party… after your hangover is cured and you realize you are now the proud owner of an Ugly Christmas Sweater. Some hipsters may continue to wear it into the new year (making others scratch their heads) but you know better and it’s either figure out something to do with it or it’s off to the Good Will.

1) HOLIDAY YARN : 100% merino wool with beads – art yarn / Wool Wench via Etsy

2) ECRU : 80% wool & 20% silk / Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool XL via Webs

3) TOPAZ : acyrlic & metallic polyester mix / Vanna’s Glamour via Lion Brand Yarns

4) ESTES : superwash merino, cashmere & nylon / Cake Walk Yarns via Etsy  (go to Tangled Happy for a discount code and giveaway!)

5) GREEN : 100% cashmere recycled yarn from actual Christmas Sweater! / Sentimental Valu via Etsy

Matt Damon via The Today Show (check out more fun celebs & their sweaters here)

Happy Holidays from Rewind Knits & Crochet. Mary and I will be “away” for the rest of the year, busy cranking out our Christmas presents! After the first of the year we’ll be posting all about our handmade holiday gifts along with a giveaway of a Eugenie prize pack.

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to tell the whole story let your cape do the talking. This cape says “It was a beautiful day as I was walking down the tree lined granny square path near the lake. The recent rain shower left a few clouds in the sky along with a magnificent rainbow. I took some time on a small patch of grass to stare at the sky in admiration…” We are unsure of the rest of the tale, we can’t see the front, but we like to imagine it depicts a trip to the spa for a mani-pedi.

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… as I continue to struggle, it sure feels like it. The changing of yarns every or every other row is slow torture for a project I thought would be super simple and completed in a day or two. It’s been 3 weeks! I’m posting pictures to help motivate me to finish, I want to show you all a finished project. Some day…

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Sure to do wonders for any child’s self esteem, these attractive, upscale winter looks are guaranteed to be a hit on playgrounds everywhere.

I ask you the design inspiration:
*A dickie gone horribly wrong?

*A perverse fear love of clowns and lucha libre?

*My child is annoying me.

While you ponder these designs, make sure to get your evil clown and lucha libre names squared away:

Generate your evil clown name here:

And your new wrestling name here:


Mary’s Evil Clown Name: Dead Eye Maker o Baloon Animals
Mary’s Lucha Wrestler Name: Sangre Ridiculoso

Brandy’s Evil Clown Name: Dave The Facepainted Menace (weird)
Brandy’s Lucha Wrestler Name: Chile Supremo

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Non offensive caption goes here...

Bob, what is up? Are you pissed about the fact your name is on your sweater?  Maybe you are unhappy with your boxy cable vest?  Why so violent?

I bet Bob grew up to have poor dental hygiene, a criminal record, and some unfortunate tattoos.


Some excellent photo styling for sure.

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