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This Christmas Mary gave me the best Christmas present EVER! No, it wasn’t a shopping spree at our local craft store (I wish!), it was the new kooky craft book Simple Times, Crafts for Poor People by Amy Sedaris!! Mary and I are HUGE fans of Amy Sedaris and the night I got the book I read it cover to cover. Being a knitter or crocheter you accumulate quite the yarn “stash” and the “Knitting Holder Can” craft (featured in use on the front of the cover) caught my eye. I knew that Mary could use one SO I broke out the Quaker oats, glue gun, oil cloth remnants and the puff paint and went to town. Mary’s squeal of delight was totally worth 3rd degree glue gun burn that Amy had warned me about. I also did not do the suggested stretching before crafting and really regretted it the next day.

Ta-Da!! The finished product. I added some velvet zig-zag and hot pink duct tape accent trims to finish the piece. There are puff paint details on the lid (not shown).

We loved everything about this book. The humor, retro photo styling, the crafts… it’s just awesomeness cover to cover.

This got me thinking… “What else can you make out oatmeal containers?”

Wall yarn holder – shown is using coffee cans but you could use oatmeal containers
Hair things holder – could be used to hold whatever. Just bring out the puff paint and label accordingly. (we love this blog!)
Pin hole camera – Star Wars and crafts… can it get much better? I submit it can not!!



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