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It’s true… we are so excited we can’t hide it! Mary and I have been busy prepping for our 1st ever Thursday night knitting party here at The Modern Mercantile. (we are still trying to come up with a name for our little group or club or circle or — any ideas?) Mary will be knitting a scrap yarn scarf with all her various stashed yarns. Last year Mary scored a major yarn stash from an older gal that was needing to clean out her shed-o-yarn! I plan on making some crochet soap tawashis for holiday gifts! At The Modern Mercantile we carry an amazing locally made soap that we can’t get enough of. When wondering what I was going to make this came to me while restocking our display — remember our obsession with tawashis?!

With the wine and cheese chilling it’s sure to be a great time!! If you are in our neck of the woods we’d love you to join us.  Since most of our readers are sadly not from our area, you have our permission to put your feet up tonight, pour yourself that favorite beverage and craft your brains out for a few hours!  Would love to see a few pics of your crafting adventures.  🙂

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Despite a random power outage that left me knitting by lantern light, I managed to finish my fat fish tawashi for Ravelry friend “bbhatsNstuff”.  Brandy knocked her Cactawashi out in early January, but I have been a little behind.  But it is done, and ready to be shipped off tomorrow to it’s new home!

I am feeling a case of Tawashi Madness coming over me, it is a little known medical condition that takes over your knitting brain and won’t let you work on anything else until you have a kitchen drawer full of them.  Hopefully it can be treated with box wine and a good night’s sleep.

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Tawashi (meaning a traditional Japanese scrubbing brush to wash off dirt) + Swap (meaning the exchange of your crafty goodies for another’s crafty goodies) = GOOD TIMES! Creating Tawashies is as fun as it sounds. Recently Mary and I began swapping Tawashies with our Ravelry friends “bbhatsNstuff”.  I looked around at the patterns available but decided to have some fun designing our own. When thinking of what types of fun shapes would lend themselves to really doing the job… they are in fact scrubbers after all I thought of something with a lot of texture. That’s when it came to me, I like to call it a Cactawashi. The deep ribs of the cactus, along with dimensional details of the flower and pot should make an excellent Tawashi. Created with Sugar ‘n Cream, it’s completely hollow so is squishes nicely, I may just have to make a few more.

This was a super quick project. Mary and I are busy cranking away at our other patterns scheduled for this month but if you’d like to have this pattern just comment and let us know, we’ll publish based on demand.

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