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So I’m still battling the virus that is trying to take me down. Or should I say viruses as I had the stomach flu, now I have a head cold. So gross. This week’s sicky craft is a charming little crochet tote bag using a mix of Lily Sugar n’ Cream yarns. The yarn was left over from our tawashi madness. I’m not a huge fan of cotton yarn like Mary is so I decided to use it up, knowing I’d never really use it if I didn’t design a craft specifically for it. I really like how the Fresh color palette emerged¬†out of the scrap yarn, it just worked out that way. The tote was a total¬†experiment, I had no design in mind… again I just wanted to crochet. Mary and I are complete dorks if you haven’t figured it out yet, so when I showed Mary the finished project I was compelled to put it on my head to show its various uses. Blame it on the cold medicine… okay I’d do it if I wasn’t drugged out of my gourd, I admit it. What resulted from the hat show was a gigglefest, tears and the amusing photos below. Not to sound crazy but it does make a cute hat!

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