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For the past year these t-shirt strip necklaces have been quite popular. Not one to ever pay retail on something I know I can make, I decided to research how to turn old tees into yarn. There’s so much you can do with this versitile material once it’s been converted to “yarn”. Also unlike most yarn crafts it’s not messy and you more than likely currently own everything you need to make your very own upcycled tee accessory.

Step 1:

Turn the tee of your choice into yarn by cutting as much as you can in one continuous strip. I’ve found two very good resources that show two different ways to accomplish this. The more circular cutting method can be a bit harder to control gauge if you are wanting to knit a very specific pattern. The straight cut method allows you to measure and then cut however you do end up with a bit more waste than with the circular method. Each will get the job done. Play with color and pattern with the tshirts you choose to use. Tye-dye will create a great verigated yarn while screenprints can create interesting patterns/textures. Be careful when you pick tees that have been screen printed. Choose tees that have been washed enough to relax the ink or you could end up with rough thick spots in your creation. Then again this could be the look you are going for – sky’s the limit.

Step 2 (and the final step):

Freeform knit, crochet or craft your very own upcycled accessory. Mary and I tend to craft by the seat of our pants however if you watch your gauge you can very easily adapt this yarn to any commercial pattern.

Here are some inspirational craft and product links. You know that once Mary and I finish our upcycled goodies we’ll have them posted! Enjoy.

Braided rugs (we know what you are thinking, but check out the link. This artist worked with the colors to create an ombre effect; an updated modern take on this style of rug.)

Crochet Nesting Bowls

Knit Market Tote

T-Shirt Necklace

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