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Craft for Hope, an organization that gets the crafting community together to share handmade goods to those less fortunate, has opened an Etsy store to raise money for victims of the recent tragedy in Haiti.  The collected proceeds from the sales of the donated goods will be going to Doctors without Borders, an independent medical humanitarian organization.  Crafters, such as Lindamade (who we love), are donating to the cause.  Also for this weekend only Lindamade will be donating part of the sales of her book to the Red Cross. For where to buy her book click here.

Craft for Hope is also taking more donations. Check out their website for more information if you would like to give.

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We are such big fans of upcycling. Making what was old new again and most importantly keeping perfectly good items out of the landfill. We love going to vintage and thrift shops searching for that next craft book gem. About a year ago Mary happened upon Ex Libris Anonymous, the original makers of upcycled book journals, and was hooked. Details we love, each book is preserved in the state they find it in. Being careful to keep details intact such as library inserts pasted in place or small children’s doodles, forever capturing the book’s journey. They make great crafting journals, perfect for jotting down that next knit or crochet pattern. We love them for gift giving too. And while you can use what ever pen you have around to jot down those thoughts, Mary and I have highlighted our personal favs. It’s no joke that Mary has an addition to Sharpies. Remind us to show you her donkey Sharpie caddy, again not a joke. While I prefer novelty pens, fun shapes and colors. My latest addition… plastic quill pens. Talk about vintage inspiration, modern style!

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Sure to do wonders for any child’s self esteem, these attractive, upscale winter looks are guaranteed to be a hit on playgrounds everywhere.

I ask you the design inspiration:
*A dickie gone horribly wrong?

*A perverse fear love of clowns and lucha libre?

*My child is annoying me.

While you ponder these designs, make sure to get your evil clown and lucha libre names squared away:

Generate your evil clown name here:

And your new wrestling name here:


Mary’s Evil Clown Name: Dead Eye Maker o Baloon Animals
Mary’s Lucha Wrestler Name: Sangre Ridiculoso

Brandy’s Evil Clown Name: Dave The Facepainted Menace (weird)
Brandy’s Lucha Wrestler Name: Chile Supremo

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