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I often stumble across the most beautiful studio spaces. You know the ones where “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”? Instead of feeling admiration for those spaces I’m the one feeling out of place… Sure they are beautiful (and sure they’ve been cleaned up and styled 6 ways to Sunday) but they don’t feel real and I can’t relate. That is why I was so inspired to share this particular studio space, the unkept chaos is like a wonderful game of Where’s Waldo (or Bill). I would be right at home amongst the piles of retro blankets and heaps of finished art bits. This inspiring studio by Sarah Applebaum is as crazy and cool as her website.

What’s your studio space inspiration??

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Color Group: Unique

I was compelled to make this week’s color inspiration bright and bold given we are in winter and for most that means a dark and dreary season. Emerging in the US in the later part of the 1950’s, the Pop Art movement turned tradition on its ear making way for contemporary culture . I love everything pop art represents. From it’s vibrant and daring use of primary colors to the unabashed way it stands apart from the crowd. The yarns chosen for this pairing do just that. Each fantastic in their own way and begging to be made into some sort of fashion statement.

1) Colors of Fabric 2 by tjt unraveled; this yarn’s bold primary palette really packs a punch. The variegated colors go from bright reds to dark brown/blacks much like the comic book inspired art of Roy Lichtenstein.

2) Soprano by marion; the perfect pop art palette that calls to mind Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe in Hot Pink work of art. The blacks, reds, pinks and of course the yellows blondes.

3) Hello Kitty by zucchero filato; there’s something sweet and tactile about this art yarn. The exploration of color and texture makes you want to interact with it… much like the fantastic sculptures of Claes Oldenburg.

4)Koigu Yarn from betty’s loft; The quantity and intensity of the colors in this yarn made me instantly think of my favorite Pop Artist Jeff Koons. What’s my favorite piece you ask? Anything in his Celebration series especially Play-Doh.

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