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I’ve been home sick for a few days… yuck! What I hate more than the illness trying to take over my body is the feeling of complete uselessness. The doc prescribed rest and fluids. Rest…check! Fluids…check! Boredom…check! To keep my idle hands busy I decided I just want to crochet; not caring about patterns or color palettes (OMG I know!!). I started out with a circle that just continued to grow until I had a large disk, now what? To amuse my dogs, okay… to amuse myself I stuck it on my head. That’s it!! I’ll make a sick day hat. I started to decrease and began incorporating some scrap yarn I had next to me. Coming up with the chain link pattern was easy, the decreasing was the hard part. I frogged it several times… too loose… too tight…ouch I just removed some hair. Finally this turd of a hat was complete. By this time the hubby was home and he actually said it was cute! It may see the light of day after all. I’m still down for the count, let’s see what sick crazy craft I come up with today.

Seriously… don’t laugh, it’s not nice.

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Crafters get inspired by just about anything these days, which we sympathize… our heads are full with ideas too, if only there was more time!  That is why when I came across this Etsy store I just had to share it. Each of the featured yarns are inspired by color stories of popular culture.  And while they are all cool, the best by far is Lando. We embrace our geekiness, this is so going in my stash.


Et tu, Bruté?

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As Mary so wonderfully blogged, we were in Vegas. While it kept us too busy to actually create, we were still inspired. How can you not be with that much neon burning your retinas?? So much so that we created a series of color stories based on the familiar sights and sounds of Las Vegas.

Have your singles ready ladies, the first round is on us!!

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When I stumbled upon this cute knit I just had to post it.  From Pure Handmade, this little dress is so sweet in its soft colors of grey and yellow.

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Color Group: Fresh

We are into the new year, into the first week of the first month. The excitement brings a reinvigorated focus to better ourselves and negative things around us. What was old is new again, much like this month’s color inspiration: Weathered Wood. This Fresh color palette calls to mind the brisk January mornings… perhaps the same mornings many of us are out walking or running in order to reach our recent resolutions. We hope this cool yet inviting palette inspires you to whip up some warm projects this month.

The featured yarns are from Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice collection. Shown above in both solids and “mists”, Vanna’s Choice is the perfect for most projects because it is the perfect balance of budget friendly and acrylic softness.
1) White
2) Pearl Mist
3) Taupe Mist
4) Silver Grey
5) Espresso

Vanna’s Choice continues to branch out, recently releasing a Vanna’s GlamourTM collection, giving you even more options to create your own Fresh color story. Mary and I are anxiously waiting for Vanna to come out with a bulky yarn, fingers crossed!

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So sorry folks! Computer issues have delayed today’s inspiration… *Fingers crossed* this publishes.

Color Group: Fresh

This very on trend color palette features pairings of soft gray and yellow with pops of teal. The desert is often thought of as lifeless, not inspirational..this color grouping shows it is any thing but. The tones found in the desert landscape are muted but lively.

Today’s featured yarn is from Berroco. Comfort comes in a selection of different weights from DK to Chunky. Colors shown above are from the Berroco Comfort DK color selection. Berroco Comfort comes in many different colors really letting you create your own palettes to highlight your next project.
1) Dusk
2) Lovage
3) Teal
4) Smokestack
5) Primary Yellow

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Color Group: Unique

I was compelled to make this week’s color inspiration bright and bold given we are in winter and for most that means a dark and dreary season. Emerging in the US in the later part of the 1950’s, the Pop Art movement turned tradition on its ear making way for contemporary culture . I love everything pop art represents. From it’s vibrant and daring use of primary colors to the unabashed way it stands apart from the crowd. The yarns chosen for this pairing do just that. Each fantastic in their own way and begging to be made into some sort of fashion statement.

1) Colors of Fabric 2 by tjt unraveled; this yarn’s bold primary palette really packs a punch. The variegated colors go from bright reds to dark brown/blacks much like the comic book inspired art of Roy Lichtenstein.

2) Soprano by marion; the perfect pop art palette that calls to mind Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe in Hot Pink work of art. The blacks, reds, pinks and of course the yellows blondes.

3) Hello Kitty by zucchero filato; there’s something sweet and tactile about this art yarn. The exploration of color and texture makes you want to interact with it… much like the fantastic sculptures of Claes Oldenburg.

4)Koigu Yarn from betty’s loft; The quantity and intensity of the colors in this yarn made me instantly think of my favorite Pop Artist Jeff Koons. What’s my favorite piece you ask? Anything in his Celebration series especially Play-Doh.

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Color Group: Geo

Geo’s defining color/style characteristics are cool (both in feeling and perception), bold and angular. These are the same defining characteristics of glacier ice. The tones, ranging from deep blue to turquoise to bright white, are captured in the marbled layers of the semi-translucent texture of ice. Creating breathtaking objects of beauty in nature that inspire fashion, decor, architecture and art. The juxtaposition of the calming and hazardous/mystic nature of ice has made it both celebrated and feared.

The yarns below feature soft, cool colors of glacier ice with out the pesky frostbite chill. In fact they would be perfect for that project you have in mind, keeping you warm this winter.

1) Snow Queen by Paramita; soft twists of gray and white mixed fibers are paired with a “dash” of silver sparkle, just like the shadows in the deep cuts of glacier ice.

2) Arctic Winds by Yarn Ahoy; a first for Rewind as we haven’t featured roving or top, but this particular wool was too perfect to not highlight with this story. The blues and white paired with browns call to mind the “snowy tones of arctic snow, floes and rock”. *yarn is not for sale.

3) Snow White Had a Wrap Sheet by  Simply Twisted; we love the name of this selection. Reminiscent of ice banks, the thicks and thins of this hand spun yarn would be perfect for any bulky knit or crochet project. We know where you can find some patterns that would be perfect! 😉

4) Winter Sky by  Weird and Twisted; this variegated art yarn features icy details such as iridescent fibers and actual snowflake sequins for the truly inspired fiber enthusiast.

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Color Story: Sugared Pastels
Color Group: Sweet

I’m always inspired by the delicate nature of  ’50’s vintage glass ornaments. When the holidays come around, I’m excited to search the local vintage shops for rare finds. Vintage glass ornaments, such as Shiny Brites, were often “sugared” and came in a variety of pastel colors; much like the yarns below. While these yarns may not be covered with actual glitter per say, they do have shiny or sparkle quality to them. Each of the handcrafted selections features either shiny fibers, metallic threads or seed beads. Perfect for that knit or crochet project you’ve been planning, to coordinate with your best holiday dress. Now tie on that apron and start the cocktails!

1) Swirlipop by Lush Mommy; a beautiful swirl of pastel tints and shiny fibers. This selection embodies the perfect ’50’s pastel palette.

2) Silver/Lavender by Crafty Yarns; this recycled yarn features silk metallic threads. The soft variegated tones of lavender pair nicely with the icy silk thread make a very soft yet striking statement.

3) Merino Wool by  Fiber Fancy; the perfect shade of pink featuring tiny seed beads giving it that perfect bit of sugar. The contrast thread gives it additional depth and detail.

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Upon researching a link for our good friend Woody featured in our last post, we delved deep in to the “Cosby sweater” subculture. Mesmerized, one click after another led us deeper and deeper into a love-hate relationship of this “novelty” sweater.

The brightly colored, very detailed sweaters made by Coogi were the “it” sweater of the ’80s/early ’90’s. They became the fashion trademark for Bill Cosby (hence the nickname) and more notably The Notorious B.I.G., which he stated in his lyrics “I stay Coogi down to the socks”. While Coogi has seen a decline in mainstream popularity they remain persistent as they continue to put out fashion forward product lines, influencing the knit industry and urban hipsters everywhere.

Some of the fun and interesting links we found along the way:

  • If you miss Bill C. and his sweaters, he’s getting with the times. You can now follow him on such places as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. Can’t wait to get an earful of his socially conscious hip-hop, then click here!
  • Childhood cartoon icon gets a ghetto make over on this rad hip-hop t-shirt. We love how you get a free mix tape with purchase. Be one of the cool kids click here!
  • We’ll never understand where American Apparel is coming from, but that’s the point of being fashion forward. Inspired by the mix and match of ’80’s color these loud socks are a must have to accompany your Coogi mini-dress. To keep your ass calves warm click here!
  • Urban Outfitters makes no effort to hide their inspiration. It’s all in the name “Silence + Noise Cosby Sweater Coat”. This black and white intarsia knit sweater coat will keep you warm with out blinding your friends, click here!

We saved the best two links for last…

  • For those who have yet retire their sweaters, and probably never will, this blog is for you. Rock Dat Coogi!
  • We love blogs with great stories behind them. Here’s this guy with more “bad sweaters” than one guy should have and his tales in spreading the bad sweater love. He’s been featured all over the place, so why not here too?! Check out the Bad Sweater Guy!

We hope you have enjoyed the brief look at the “Cosby sweater”. Now go, be inspired to make some bad knit choices of your own and don’t forget to take some pictures!

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